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So I did it.  I went to a furry con, and managed to come back alive.  Alive and well, at that.  Con crud was mostly avoided but for a small 'bout of sniffles whose origin could only be dubiously attributed to RF.  Hell, I didn't really get involved in any drama!

I suppose in a way, Rainfurrest was an ideal introduction to furry cons.  For me, there was much less of a reliance on socialization in order to have fun because of the robust writing track, so I pretty much never had a point where there was absolutely nothing to do except maybe late at night, and at that point I went to bed.  Perhaps next time I'll go to a room party.

It's hard to summarize exactly what happened and when, especially since I didn't document everything, but I do know that I had a blast.  I entered a writing contest, and while I didn't win, I did discover that it is possible for me to crank out almost 3k words in the space of a few days.  I also got my first con badge from Leon Husky aka GlitterPills on FA, and hung out with him and his girl, Kappy for the time that I wasn't sitting in on interesting writing panels.  I also met Phil Geusz, Kyell Gold and Kit, Fuzzwolf and Teiran, Mary Dowd, Ryan Campbell and Jakebe, Zia McCorgi, Sparf, and briefly Spelunker Sal.  I also had the pleasure of hanging out with Kappy, Leon, Deyna Otter and Kilo, as well as at least one other person whose name unfortunately escapes me.  

Honestly, going to Rainfurrest was probably one of the best experiences in my life, and outside of a few isolated incidents, it completely broke my misconceptions about furries in person.  And that I consider to be a very good thing.  Though at present things don't look too good for it, I hope to make next year's Rainfurrest as well.  And maybe, just maybe, a few more cons. 

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