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I think Kyell Gold dropped the ball a bit when he wrote Bridges, because there are bridges in almost every sense of the word except for an actual, physical bridge.  If you think about it, the bridges are everywhere.  The city is named Gateway, even!  And, of course, there's the bridge of Heyward, called Hey, the sultry, sexy fox who builds bridges between people using his own body.  The story's first three chapters detail his escapades in that respect, and really it's interesting how you get the three perspectives of it, from three very different characters.  Trust me when I say it gets quite steamy during the sexy bits, but by the third time I found myself drifting away from the heat and toward the differences between the scenes and the characters in them.  Because quite honestly, if you're going to relieve the same thing three times, there had better be some considerable differences between the scenes, and I think it was pulled off quite well. 

Even though the story only touches on his perspective for one chapter, it's quite clear that the story is about the flirty fox, as everything in there seems to revolve around his many, many connections.  Though I have to say, that's gotta be the hottest way to hook somebody up.  But as you get into the nitty-gritty of who Heyward is and why he does what he does, it is gratifying to see that somebody finally seems to care about the bridge itself, rather than the areas it connects.

If I must admit something against the story, it's the fact that the illustrations are a bit underwhelming... but that's probably because I'm spoiled by Blotch's stuff. 

But in short, if you're looking for a pretty hot story that is definitely about bridges, then go pick up Bridges.  Do it.  Now.

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