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First and foremost, it's so you can try and figure out exactly what in the hell you were trying to say.  Sometimes, in the vim and vigor of writing, we can get caught up and just sorta put stuff out there on a page.  And if you just publish it as-is, you could miss something.  You could be reading it over later and actually ask yourself the question of what in the hell did I put there?  If you don't have a question, than that is a problem, but it is a fixable problem.  Really, even asking the question to begin with is an issue, but it's a fixable issue, because you haven't put out the story for public review yet. 

The point of editing and developing your editing skills is to catch these errors and others in the text.  Like other forms of artwork, stories communicate something.  A feeling, an image, an idea, and if you have moments of confusion, then you're preventing people from getting that feeling, image, idea, whatever.  Not editing your story, not removing as many barriers as possible is, I think, an utter failure on the part of writers everywhere.

So edit your damn stories, people.


Dec. 7th, 2011 10:29 pm
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So, not too long ago, somebody commented on one of my journals 'Congratulations on being good enough to get published".  And... to be completely honest, I don't think I'm there yet.  Actually, i'm just not sure.  There's probably just me holding myself back, as it were, because I don't quite think I'm that good enough. 

See, I'd tell you that I got published in X because I just got extremely lucky and somebody selected me.  I suppose the truth of the matter is more like Kyell saw my work when I submitted to Heat, and he was helping out with that, and he liked my story enough that he thought of me when he was putting together X.  And I... do not remember why I was asked to write a story for Holidays, just that I was and did.  Don't get me wrong, I'm very happy that I was chosen to be in both, and to a degree it is pretty special that I was picked for both projects.  It has to be gratifying to be thought of when somebody says to you that they want YOU'RE writing to appear in their anthology. 

However, I do have some issues with what I've written for both, which is what, I think, holds me back.  I'm not sure either Honor Thy Mother or Resurrection, the stories I wrote for X and Holidays respectively, are as good as they could be, or as they could have been if different writers have been chosen.  As I stated before with The Other Apprentice, I had some issues with that story BEFORE I was told all the unfortunate holes in it (while also saying that it was quite good, just craved more).  I'll probably put out The Other Apprentice on FA if when if it gets rejected from FANG, but here's hoping.

Ironically, one of what I think my strongest stories is Secret, a story written for a contest that I missed the deadline at.  Perhaps I do not do well with pressure.  

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Oh wow.  I haven't updated this thing in ten days, how incredibly shameful of me.  FEAR NOT for my one or so reader, I am indeed still writing.  Definitely definitely writing.  Actually, reminded of all the writing projects that I have tackled, not to mention the stuff that I've already done and... well, I've been pretty busy.  Well.  Not, but I have been doing some writing, which is the very point of this blog.

Yesterday was particularly productive, I think... not a whole lot of story writing done, but I did get a good chunk of writing done, to the tune of... well, 1,355 words, which is pretty rockin'.  A good chunk of that was in RP replies that come around every now and then.  But also, here's what I'm working most, now that the RP thing is out of the way.
  • Morph Class Yep yep yep.  Gotta be workin' on that. I'm still a little surprised that I managed to overthink such a simple idea into something novella length. I mean, hell, I might ask around to have it published but it's essentially a tome of fan fiction, and I don't think I could do that.  Still, to know that I'm capable of something like that (Granted over a very long period of time) is still something significant.
  • Trade with DarkZel - No title for this thing yet.  I do, at least, have an opening sentence in mind, so I should probably jot that down at the very least.  Not sure why he wanted to do a trade with me but OH WELL.
  • Will You Look At The Time - Ha ha, this is a.. weird story that I sorta had mulling around in my head until I felt utterly driven to write it and pumped out 400 words to begin with.  This is probably going to be the one I release first, ad it's... fairly simplistic, plus it's a Vince and Emma story.  
The funny thing about Morph Class is that I know I'm SO VERY CLOSE to releasing another part, and then there would be part five and then that's it.  So it's close and that's super cool and I gotta make up an icon for that.  Probably similar to the others, but yeah, go check 'em out on my FA page. 

In other news, I decided to check out SoFurry's beta site again, and this time upload something to it.  To be honest, it was not painful.  Perhaps I'll upload the remainder of my gallery there.. remains to be seen.
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So thanks to [personal profile] poetigress , I've come across an article about being a more confident writer.  I am not good at this, obviously. 

1. Tell people you're a writer

Well, if you've ever looked at my FA profile, I do that already.

2. Write on a regular basis

Fuck.  I've been better about this but I've just went two days without a goddamn word.

3. Don't aim so high so often

Uh... not sure how to gauge this one.  If I knew more furry publishers, well... yeah.  

4. Don't measure yourself against the success of others.

Ahahahaha, bahahahahahaha... oh goddamn I suck at this.  I do this all the fucking time.  Jesus fuck mothering christ.  Let's just move on from this travesty.

5. Give yourself a workspace

Maybe I can work this out when I get back to school.  

So, one out of five!  That's a failing grade.

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Yeah, nothing happened today. I started too late, and then got tired, and nothing was even coming up and just... yeah. Today was a lost day in terms of writing the story for FANG. That's the downside. On the plus side, I have written roughly 21% of the minimum needed words, so they're not looking for an epic story. They're just looking for a good one. So far... I have some confidence in my story, but I still wonder if it's a little hackneyed or boring. However, if I keep up this pace, I should have the minimum by sometime late next week, so I'll have most of October to tear apart the story and maybe even start over if necessary. Man I hope that isn't necessary.

On the plus side, I wrote 201 words writing a RP post, so I did at least 150 words of writing somewhere.

Just think; if I averaged 1k a day, I'd be done so much sooner.  But hey, I'm at least blowing away my paltry goals.

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