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Yeaaaaaaaaaaaah... it's been a while since I've updated this. Not as long as it could have been, but it has definitely been a while. 'bout 5-6 days in between updates, and about as long between finishing the story for FANG (now titled "The Other Apprentice") and just... well, picking up another writing project. At present, I'm doing Morph Class again, which is good. Added a nice chunk of 492 613 words to it, so I'm pretty happy about that (I initially had 492, but then I figured I could at least make it to 500. I wrote another paragraph and ended up at 594, and managed to finish the paragraph instead of starting another one).

With regard to FANG, well... My enthusiasm has continued to dampen regarding that story. I'm steeling myself for the inevitable rejection, because I'm looking at it and the finished product I sent to them is... well, nowhere near such. Thanks to Metassus, I've been made aware of a number of flaws in the text that, while it made for an enjoyable read, make it incomplete (Sidenote: I cannot thank Metassus enough for his insightful feedback. Seriously, dude, THANK YOU. And you there, reading this: why haven't you checked out his stuff already? Hop to it!). Perhaps I might be pleasantly surprised, but when/if the rejection comes, I'll probably post an edited version addressing his points.  Essentially, I will be or plan to be editing the story while I'm working on finishing up Morph Class for the end of December.  Or at least, that's the plan, and plans have a way of going awry sometimes. 

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Well. That's it, really.  The story is cleaned up as best I can, thanks to the help of Newfur, with special thanks to Metassus who volunteered but was unfortunately not able to help me out.  The story, as presently constructed, is either 7976 words, or 8140 (PolyEdit and Google Docs, respectively), but that's still quite cool.  Glad I finished the story, and really... hopefully I can make it in. 

In the meantime, up to something else. Probably Morph Class. 
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It is... DONE!

Start: 6855 words
End: 7410 words
Progress: 555 words

Yep.  That's it and that's all.  Intended to cross the 7k barrier today, and little did I know that if I pressed on, I would be completing the story.  Man.  Time for a celebration, and a break.  Of about a day, though.  I wanna spend the rest of the month editing the fuck out of the story, then sending it out and putting in a few last changes while I get together the proposal materials for the story to be submitted.  I only got a week, though, less than, so I better finish this story up with the quickness.  Still, I feel good that it's done, even though I know ther eare some changes that I wanna make to the beginning and I want to make the end considerably less lame and probably a few more things need to be fixed to line things up with one another and...

...yeah, work to do.

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Start: 6291 words
End: 6855 words
Progress: 564 words/97.9%

Successss!  haven't mad the planned edits/re-writes yet, instead working on finishing off the story, then pumping in the other stuff.  The word count will no doubt swell because i'm pretty sure i'll be adding to the story.  And at this rate, i'll be overshooting 7k, which is nice.  But ultimately, i'm going to be needing some beta readers, and probably a new title.  As is, it's terribly generic, but then it's a working title anyway. 
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Damn.  Six days ago?  not so good... but despite being unable to write as much as i'd like and coming up on my deadline, progress has been made since last i updated. 

Start: 5081 words
End: 6291 words
progress: 1210 words/125.8%/89.9%

First percentage number is the count of 5000 words, second percent is of 7k, which i think is going to be around where the story ends.  of course, there are also some changes that i'm going to make thanks to some talks with a fellow writer, and somebody else who's also submitting a story to FANG.  last i checked, though, he hadn't started on it.  Anyway, the changes are probably going to bring it closer to the theme, but beside that i think they'll just be better for the story, period.  hopefully, i'll at least have a few days to look it over before sending it in on the 31st or thereabouts. 
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Began: 4486 words
Ended: 4912 words 5081 words
Progress: 426 words/98.2% 595 words/101.6%

hell yeah.  i saw i was so close and just had, HAD to cross that threshold.  yes.  Even better, i thought i was going to have a bit of trouble transitioning, and i ended up moving up something so that it would make more sense.  So then, a bit of conversation, then to the pay off, and then a bit of easing down, and i think i'll have a story.  if i were to guess, i'd say i have at least another thousand words to write.  At this rate, i can probably finish it this week, have the last week for editing.  yus.
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This was going to be for yesterday, but then i saw all the progress i made over two days and just sorta... went with it, i guess?  i dunno, here we go

Began: 3767 words
Ended: 4472 words
Progress: 705 words/89.4%

i will breath a sigh of relief once i cross 5000, more so when the story seems close to completion.  Though to be honest, i think the one scene that i've been working on that, at present, takes up most of the story is... possibly superfluous?  not sure yet, but maybe it could stand to be cut down.  Regardless, i am liking the 705 over two-ish days progress.  yus. 

As for what's next?  Well, there are two scenes in mind, some further exposition with the mole dude working on some stuff... the arrival of the rival, and, of course, the reward that the mole gets the rival is ignorant of. 

i may hit 10k.  not sure how i feel about that.  Also, hoping i'm sticking to the theme...
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Began: 2662 words
End: 3113 words
Progress: 451 words/62%

Ha ha, wow, has it only been a day?  Maybe it's been two, because honestly, it seems like it's been two.  Regardless, I'm kinda digging my progress, liking more that I've broken 3k words and over 60%! hhhhopefully I'll be able to finish the story by next week, and then edit the crap out of it as well as send it out for peer review for the following two weeks, and send it in on Halloween or November 1st.  Don't know how long the story will be approximately, but I'm 99% certain that it's going to go over 5,000 words, which is very, very good.  Still, need to get the story done, and maybe I can get 500 words done in one sitting.  I'mma make that to be a goal, get 10% of the story done in one sitting at some time during the week. 
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Hey folks.  Been a while.  Still alive, so to speak, but suffered a bit of a set back in terms of having a computer.  This also means that I haven't been able to meticulously keep track of my progress in terms of writing, and I did lose a few days, but at present 2662 words (according to Google Docs; every word count is slightly different, I've learned) which is a good chunk of wordage than when I last left whatever was on my computer.  I'm making do, however, and that should be okay, especially since I'm about 53% in terms of minimum wordage.  Feelin' good about that, and there are a few scenes in my head that should be constructed in the story. 

Switching gears, there was this other story that I happened upon the other day.  Now this one wasn't as horrendous as that other thing, but it did have some issues that I felt should be addressed.  Now, it was a multi-part story, and I read the first one and was somewhat intrigued.  It had some confusing bits, but nothing that couldn't have been addressed in story and wasn't a problem for me.  The second part, however... was really, really confusing.  I had very little idea about what was going on in some parts, and moreover, why.  It introduced a lot of elements to the story, and things took some left turns that I didn't expect and it didn't help that there was some confusion with pronouns (long story short, a guy grew tits and apparently was sometimes referred to as a girl as well as a dude).  The third part of the story came up and when I saw it, I realized that I had absolutely no desire to continue reading the story further.  The second part killed it for me.  I could sum up the particulars of the story, but it was essentially somebody's character backstory, which generally doesn't get as interesting as they want it to be.

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Goal: 200 words
Began: 1396 words
Ended: 1737 words
Completion rate: 34%/368 words

Once again, another late push.  It's past midnight as I type this now, and I've already made a bunch of words because I can actually concentrate on the story and only the story.  It's still a nice feeling to get as much as I did do done.  Honestly, I was on a freaking roll.  Yes.  So you know what?  Who cares about how late it is. the fact of the matter is that it's done.  And that is a good thing.
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Goal: 150 words
Began: 1054 words
Ended: 1369 words
Completion Rate:  27%/315 words

Today was better than yesterday in that I got stuff done for my story!  Tomorrow/today is the beginning of October, which essentially means 31 days until this thing needs to be done.  So in a way, I'm kinda under the gun.  Didn't get quite as much as I have been the last couple times that I have been writing, but that's sorta a moot point, so long as progress is being made.  Though really, I should revise up my goal.  Not just because I keep exceeding it, but more because I need to write more in order to have enough time to edit it and turn in a properly vetted story by November 1st.  Besides, the MINIMUM is 5k words.
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Yeah, nothing happened today. I started too late, and then got tired, and nothing was even coming up and just... yeah. Today was a lost day in terms of writing the story for FANG. That's the downside. On the plus side, I have written roughly 21% of the minimum needed words, so they're not looking for an epic story. They're just looking for a good one. So far... I have some confidence in my story, but I still wonder if it's a little hackneyed or boring. However, if I keep up this pace, I should have the minimum by sometime late next week, so I'll have most of October to tear apart the story and maybe even start over if necessary. Man I hope that isn't necessary.

On the plus side, I wrote 201 words writing a RP post, so I did at least 150 words of writing somewhere.

Just think; if I averaged 1k a day, I'd be done so much sooner.  But hey, I'm at least blowing away my paltry goals.

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