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Okay, so I haven't been diligent about writing.  Or updating.  But I have been doing both!  Still need to get back on that horse, so to speak.  Still like the idea of writing at least one more word than last time, so I just need to focus and do that!

Anyway, back to Morph Class.  So I've been reading this thing for a while and... well.  Out of curiosity (since I've been writing from a document that contained part three and what would become part four for a reasons that had to do with me not having my computer, long story), I decided to copy what would be part four into a separate document to see how long it was.

And it was 21 pages.  So... yeah, that's entirely too long.

So I went back, found a good break point, and now it's going to be part four, which means what I'm finishing up now is part five, which means that the part I'm going to write next will be part six.  Rockin'  I've already created the icons for those, so expect those to be posted to my FA in the next couple days.

I may post the stories to SF as well.
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Oh wow.  I haven't updated this thing in ten days, how incredibly shameful of me.  FEAR NOT for my one or so reader, I am indeed still writing.  Definitely definitely writing.  Actually, reminded of all the writing projects that I have tackled, not to mention the stuff that I've already done and... well, I've been pretty busy.  Well.  Not, but I have been doing some writing, which is the very point of this blog.

Yesterday was particularly productive, I think... not a whole lot of story writing done, but I did get a good chunk of writing done, to the tune of... well, 1,355 words, which is pretty rockin'.  A good chunk of that was in RP replies that come around every now and then.  But also, here's what I'm working most, now that the RP thing is out of the way.
  • Morph Class Yep yep yep.  Gotta be workin' on that. I'm still a little surprised that I managed to overthink such a simple idea into something novella length. I mean, hell, I might ask around to have it published but it's essentially a tome of fan fiction, and I don't think I could do that.  Still, to know that I'm capable of something like that (Granted over a very long period of time) is still something significant.
  • Trade with DarkZel - No title for this thing yet.  I do, at least, have an opening sentence in mind, so I should probably jot that down at the very least.  Not sure why he wanted to do a trade with me but OH WELL.
  • Will You Look At The Time - Ha ha, this is a.. weird story that I sorta had mulling around in my head until I felt utterly driven to write it and pumped out 400 words to begin with.  This is probably going to be the one I release first, ad it's... fairly simplistic, plus it's a Vince and Emma story.  
The funny thing about Morph Class is that I know I'm SO VERY CLOSE to releasing another part, and then there would be part five and then that's it.  So it's close and that's super cool and I gotta make up an icon for that.  Probably similar to the others, but yeah, go check 'em out on my FA page. 

In other news, I decided to check out SoFurry's beta site again, and this time upload something to it.  To be honest, it was not painful.  Perhaps I'll upload the remainder of my gallery there.. remains to be seen.
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Two posts in one day?  Considering i was thinking originally of updating this blog weekly, this is unprecedented.  But hey, it's cool.

Essentially, this is what i'm either actively writing or actively planning.  The tippy top of the pipeline, as it were.

FANG Story "Best Enemies" (working title)
Gideon Kalve Jarvis belated birthday story "Morph Class" (shelved for timeline of FANG story)
Trade with DarkZel (no title yet)

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