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Okay, so I haven't been diligent about writing.  Or updating.  But I have been doing both!  Still need to get back on that horse, so to speak.  Still like the idea of writing at least one more word than last time, so I just need to focus and do that!

Anyway, back to Morph Class.  So I've been reading this thing for a while and... well.  Out of curiosity (since I've been writing from a document that contained part three and what would become part four for a reasons that had to do with me not having my computer, long story), I decided to copy what would be part four into a separate document to see how long it was.

And it was 21 pages.  So... yeah, that's entirely too long.

So I went back, found a good break point, and now it's going to be part four, which means what I'm finishing up now is part five, which means that the part I'm going to write next will be part six.  Rockin'  I've already created the icons for those, so expect those to be posted to my FA in the next couple days.

I may post the stories to SF as well.
pyrostinger: They say the eye is the window to the soul (Default)
It is... DONE!

Start: 6855 words
End: 7410 words
Progress: 555 words

Yep.  That's it and that's all.  Intended to cross the 7k barrier today, and little did I know that if I pressed on, I would be completing the story.  Man.  Time for a celebration, and a break.  Of about a day, though.  I wanna spend the rest of the month editing the fuck out of the story, then sending it out and putting in a few last changes while I get together the proposal materials for the story to be submitted.  I only got a week, though, less than, so I better finish this story up with the quickness.  Still, I feel good that it's done, even though I know ther eare some changes that I wanna make to the beginning and I want to make the end considerably less lame and probably a few more things need to be fixed to line things up with one another and...

...yeah, work to do.


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