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Man, it's almost been a month!  Sorry about that.  School's been nuts, but now I'm on spring break!  So that'll mean some more postage, and I'm going to try to activate this more.

Despite my blog tardiness, I have been writing!  As a matter of fact I have finished a story that I will put up later today!  It's that Zel trade that I've been working on.  I've also dusted off a few other stories and am just writing some stuff out.  Perhaps I should start this other story that's been bumping around in my head, too... Hm. 

Anyway, keep watching this space.  There will be also another post later today, a review of The Royal Tail, by Tredain and Zel.
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You know, sometimes I just need to get out of my own way and write.  Seriously.  I was kinda in a groove last night, even though I had to force it a few times.  Ultimately, I got down 833 words which I'm pretty happy about.  I was aiming to put out 500, and I've far surpassed that.  However, I shan't rest on my laurels, though I intend to put out another chunk of words for Fluffy so I have something Zel can look at as an update.  More to the point, Morph Class is looking like it may get finished before the end of the month, which... would be interesting, because then there goes a great big concentration of creative energy.

Not that there aren't other places to put that energy.

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Hey there, chaps and chapesses.  Been a while since I've updated, but there's been some upheaval, not to mention having home Internet access discontinued.  To a degree, I'm still adjusting, especially since I've started college as well.  However, never fear!  The writing continues!  No, really. 

1. I should be writing more, especially if I want to put out 12 stories by year's end.  That remains my goal, college notwithstanding, so hopefully I can pick up that pace.  Howevs, I HAVE put out a substantial chunk of Morph Class... I think I estimated it as about 43-61% complete last time.  Well, estimating that the chapter will end up between 5k and 7k words it's either about 70-98% done.  And really, I think those estimates are a bit too liberal.  If I were to estimate it just on feel, I'd probably say it's closer to the 70% mark, but even then I might put it at 60-65%.  There will probably be at least another 1000 words written before alls said and done, and while I'll probably miss my deadline of completing the story before the next time Gids has a birthday, this most definitely WILL be done before the end of the month.  Hell, it's going out before leap day.  That's my drop dead gate.  If not, then I've already failed to put out 12 stories this year, and I"m a bit of a month behind already!  So let's pick up the pace!

2. But part of the reason why I'm behind-ish on Morph Class is that I've started picking up more steam on the trade that I'm working on for Zel, which is tentatively titled Fluffy.  That may be an odd title, but if you know any of his works you'd know it's the name of the character, and it's a pretty appropriate title.  I'm probably going to stick with that, but between now and completion, things may change.  Who knows?  Anyway, I'm estimating that story to be about 4k, so that's about 58% done.  I've been updating Zel every now and then with the progress of the story, and so far he's been super happy with it.  Which is fantastic, especially since the picture he's doing for me is abso-fucking-lutely gorgeous.  I may post it to my own gallery, it's so goddamn good.  Most likely scraps, if anything, though.  Maybe I'm weird and/or a bad furry, but I like to promote my writing over all else, so if there is a picture posted to my account, it'll be in scraps. 

3. Additionally, I've got to get going on writing since I'm also planning on posting a few reviews to Anthroview, and submitting at least one story to Tales of a Neon Phoenix.  Those are to mags that Summercat is running, a sort of quarterly mag for the fandom.  In it, I hope to put a review for Out of Position, an old book, and Royal Tail, a comic put out by Zel and fellow writer Tredain.  Regardless, the blog will get both, and they'll be the next two installments of Red Eye Reviews.  The story I plan on putting out is a slice of life between the stars of Mouse Porn, because... I dunno.  I just got that idea of writing something for them, and then the opportunity came up for it to be published.  It's basically going to be quick and dirty (big emphasis on dirty) and hopefully fun.  And if I come up with something else, then I will maybe submit that as well.  I just need to get some more new ideas.  I think I can come up with those.

Also, I'm going to make an effort to bring this blog back to a bit more prominence, with estimates rather than straight up word counts.  And, of course, more Random Story Escapades.

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I haven't updated this in a while, but I have done some writing.  Over the last couple days, I've add 523 words to the D.Zel trade.  More importantly, he seems to like it.  I've also looked into rebirthing an old story, if only for a bit more visibility's sake, tentatively called Cat + Mouse, which is actually a bit of a misnomer to begin with.  Lion + Mouse would be even more accurate, but even so it doesn't describe anything about the plot so the title is nothing more than a placeholder.  I just put in 241 words there.  So not terribly unproductive for not updating.

I should update this more.

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This time, i worked on the DarkZel trade that I'm doing for him.  Nooooooot sure what title it yet.  But at present, I've worked my way up to 1039 words, which I think is about double what I had before...?  Actually, no it's not.  Don't let me lie to you guys, heh.  But yeah, I have made a good chunk of progress, and I do need to build up a bit of pre-writing to work from when it comes to Morph Class.  With this story, I'm more flying by the seat of my pants, but not too much. 

Also, tomorrow with an article of sorts, and maybe a few Random Story Escapades.  Lots of writing in the near future, so stay tuned.  Night folks.
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Just finished it last night, and got in the final 507 words over the last two days.  Feelin' good about this.  Now I want to at least set the foundation for part six for January, where I'll probably write that in earnest.  Though even so, there are a few other writing projects to complete, namely the trade... but hey, they'll come.

I plan to post it before the end of the year.  Happy New Year folks!
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Story: DarkZel Trade
Goal: something
Progress: 355 words
Total: 898 words

Awesome.  Got some stuff goin' on the D'zel trade, and I think it's motoring along.  Had a bit of an idea while I was off one of my many dog walks, and the idea is coming out pretty well.  Though honestly, I haven't pinned down the species of the protagonist/narrator (It's currently written in first person) and I'm wondering if I have a good feel for Fluffy yet.  Dunno, but time will tell and I can always prod the guy himself to see if it's at all accurate... I do strive for accuracy, after all.  

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Alright, a few things.

Morph Class part 4 is officially edited and I posted that yesterday on FA.  Response has been... hm.  Not sure if tepid is the right word, but it's the word that I'm going to be using.  Then again, most writing outside of Kyell is going to be a bit underwhelming, and this is a long, long project.  Started this for Gids' birthday and now we're coming around to his upcoming birthday again, which is kinda ridiculous yet not considering how far I blew this story out of proportion.  I have to learn to control the scale of stuff for next time.  

More importantly, I started working on DarkZel's story for the trade that we're doing.  Still feels a little weird that we're doing a trade, art for story, and as of yet I'm not sure what to ask of HIM, but that's beside the point.  Anyway, progress on that story is 573 words, which is pretty awesome.  Started it tonight, too, so I think that's a sign of positive things.  Concerns about this story, though?  Even though he suggested a species for the other character to play opposite his (and I'm probably going to grill him about his character's mannerisms and what not so I can portray it accurately), I kinda wanna do something away from just a normal house cat.  He did give me free reign in that department, but even so I'm not exactly sure what kind of species I would like to pit opposite a gray fox.   I am thinking a kind of cat, though... maybe a leopard or panther.  hm...

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