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Essentially, this is where I look at something perhaps way too hard.  Dunno if this will be a series or not, but just sorta... something I encountered and felt I had to say something about it, but then thought for a bit that I'm probably thinking too hard about what is ostensibly a children's game.  But... STILL.

First, here's some info about the game.  Here is a list of the things that are common between this game and the show (so far):
  • There are Digimon
Yeah that's... pretty much it.  Your character is some random dude who is apparently old enough to pass some kind of test to defend his digital city from wild digimon.  This entails going into more or less randomly generated dungeons and beating up occupants, before slapping around the boss dude to clear the dungeon.  Though you can still visit the dungeons afterward, which continue to regenerate.  Oh, and you can get enemy digimon to join your team by bribing them with gifts, then punching them in the face.  If they liked the gift(s) enough, the last one defeated will get up and offer to join you.   I'm guessing that, little kid that you are, you'll eventually have to face down the Big Bad and such and then there will be much rejoicing.  

But really, this is sorta beside the point of the post.  See, what I wanna do is focus in on this itty bitty... particular piece of the game.  After the second (or third, depending on which order you take in solving them) dungeon, you rescue an Angemon.  Apparently he runs a little outfit of Digimon who are not wild, yet are independent.  Or something. 

Not wild...?

Your initial assessment is that it's a random place where non-wild, non-tamed Digimon hang out.  You don't really know why it is, but it just sorta... is.  

And I guess that's cool, you know.  Just kinda bein' in a place, and all these digi-dudes hangin' out and bein' cool, and not being aggressive and attacking you though you may be able to ruin their shit anyway.  

Anyway, the point is that the place seems pretty innocuous, right?

digi god?

I mean... apparently these Digimon worship some kind of God.  That's... interesting, bringing in the concept of spirituality into a kid's video game about computer-created monsters beating each other up.  I dunno.  

Okay, so the meditate and pray in the Meditation Dome.  Cool, right?  And the first time you come there, the Angemon (said pictured dude) gives you $2000, so pretty much you and him are buddies and it's fairly clear that he's the good guys.  But then, one is left to wonder... what do Digimon DO when they pray?  What are they praying FOR?  

Beast-Like... or something

If you go into the left room, then you run into a dude who does seem to be praying for something.  Seems he's going a little too wild, and he seems to want guidance on suppressing this wild streak.  This seems pretty reasonable to me, really.

Dude even goes on to say that he wants to digivolve, and apparently that involves controlling this bestial, wild instinct so that he doesn't go crazy go nuts or whatever.  But hey, noble goal and all that, right?

Then you meet the other guy.  I call him Drill Nose, even though he has a name.  Drill nose.  Pretty cool guy.

I mean, look at him.  He seems like a pretty cool guy.  Digs stuff and doesn't afraid of anything.  

But seriously, whatever this guy's problem is must be pretty innocent, right?  I mean, it's a kid's game.  So maybe he wants to digivolve too.  That seems to be the thing to do. Yeah.  Digivolve.  Get stronger, beat stuff up, be the Man.  Or Digi-man.

Seems legit...

Greed!  Nobody likes greed.  So yeah, if he wants to excise greed from his life, that is also a noble goal.  After all, you can't have everything, right?  That'd just be selfish.  And nobody likes a selfish Drill Nose.  

But apparently his problem is a bit more sinister.  

Wait, what?

So... yeah.  A dude with a big ol' drill on his nose apparently has a problem digging?  Well... yeah, dude.  You got a drill on your snout.  You're probably going to be digging a lot.  Why is this a problem?  And for that matter, why is this little religion centered around suppression?  What the hell kinda God or "superior being" demands so much repression from his followers?  I mean, yeah, don't be an asshole, don't be greedy, but denying a dude with a big honkin' drill on his nose the ability to dig?  The hell?

Then again, this is a kid's game, and a kid probably wouldn't even think so hard about this.  

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