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The Royal Tail coverYou may (or may not) remember A Royal Tail, a collaboration between writer Tredain and artist Zel (or DarkZel, but it's reasonable to expect that the "Dark" portion has been grown out of).  This comic series and other comic collabs has been bouncing around the furry mag scene, appearing in Genus Male a few times, then coming to Rabbit Valley's Spooo color special.  Now, Rabbit Valley granted the two an entire comic book they've called The Royal Tail, with thirty pages to tell the continuing story of the runaway rabbit prince Luka and Sirus, vagabond wolf warrior. 

Summing up the story in the Spooo color special, Sirus has rescued Luka from the clutches of an insectoid monster, otherwise known as a lot more adventure than the rabbit had planned for.  Luka was quite thankful for the save (brown chicken, brown cow).  The Royal Tail picks up here, with Luka being recognized though he's left the trappings of royalty behind.  A wizard, with nefarious designs involving Prince Luka the Pure, steals the prince away from Sirus, leaving the wolf to once again come to the rescue.  This story leaves an extra eight pages to fill, so a silly little story about rookie punishment (in space!) rounds out the magazine. 

The stories are rather simplistic and straightforward, and this is by no means an insult.  Rather, the story compliments the art, with Zel's whimsical anime-inspired style switching between chibis and detailed monster slaying.  There's comedy, there's humping, and the two blend very well together.  Fans of either Tredain or Zel should pick this up, and if you like a bit of comedic porn with a great story and fantastic artwork, then I would heartily recommend The Royal Tail. 

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