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2012-08-12 02:47 pm

Random Story Encounters #19 - Get Born

Now, here's the very interesting thing about this story.  It tackled something that would probably be a question that somebody has to have asked at some point, which is to say exactly how are hybrids born, here?  Literally, how did they come out of the womb? 

Anybody who's been in or around the furry fandoms knows that hybrids are totally a Thing.  Tigersharks, wolfoxes, so on and so forth.  If you have the opportunity to make combinations of things, it either has been made or congratulations, you're the first one to make it!  Maybe.  But until now, generally I've just seen a bunch of handwaving as to how these combinations are actually brought into the world. 

The story starts with a male raccoon obstetrician helping out a couple that wants to, as much as possible, give birth naturally.  The issue, however, is that the mother's a cat, and the father's a bear.  It goes onto say that hybrid kids usually take after either the mother's or the father's species, but the size of the child can be either, which neatly establishes the rules for this particular universe.  And in this particular case, it's a big baby. 

Now, the story gets to the crux of the issue for the doctor when the baby is safely delivered, the parents prayed and thanked God for the safe delivery.  This rankles the doc because though he respected the parents' wishes for as natural a delivery as possible, he feels like Rodney Dangerfield; he gets no respect. 

The actual mechanics of the writing is pretty good, though it does ramble a little bit.  There are some, for me, curious word choices and perhaps an over-reliance on adverbs with dialogue tags.  But it is solid writing, and despite a name near the end that took me out of the story a little bit (Thrunder?  This is a name?), I did find myself enjoying the story. 

Overall, I think that you guys should check out Evertide and this story, and maybe say some nice things.  Apparently he's had a low opinion of his own writing.
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2012-07-20 05:11 pm

Random Story Escapades #15: Story Trouble

To a degree, I probably shouldn't be writing this one.  The story was a commission, and if the commissioner was happy with it, then who cares what I, some random dude spouting off on his blog on the Internet, think about it?  And really, I only have one problem with the story, one that could probably be excused by most people not reading it how I did. 

To illustrate, let me just tell you how the story goes.  First, we have a mechanic in the middle of nowhere, Louisiana, lamenting how his shop isn't getting many customers.  He has a bit of hired help that he sends home, and starts to go close up the shop.  Enter beat up old truck, stuttering into his shop.  What luck!  The mechanic goes out and greets the driver, who's truck is pretty fucked up.  It's a minor miracle that it's even driving as is. 

Anyway, driver pulls truck into garage and the possum mechanic apparently recognizes the driver.  Said driver, a massive gator with a muscle gut, is apparently a famous, if retired, wrestler. Then the mechanic asks how the car got all messed up, and the gator says "Sex happened."  Apparently he had fucked somebody else against the car so hard that it broke.  Now, here is where my attention started to waver.  To be capable of fucking somebody so hard against your car that it breaks would probably leave that person crushed by the massive force you are able to generate by simply moving your hips, conceivably.  Now, it's possible that the gator is just joking, but then the next thing he says completely takes me out of the story: "And you are one sexy possum; maybe you want a ride too?"

Not too long ago on the Bad Dog Book Club podcast, Toonces and Skip talked about the idea of the fantasy dominant.  One who knew exactly how to treat his/her submissive and talk/bully/cajole them into doing things, and the submissive will like it because the things the dominant is doing is exactly what the submissive secretly or openly wants.  Now, the thing to stress here is the word 'fantasy,' as in it is difficult to find an actual sub/dom that knows instantly what the other wants, not without extensive training of either to the other's desires.  And in this story, we have a former wrestler gator with an apparently fourteen inch dong not only overpowering the suddenly mesmerized 'possom mechanic, but able to know that this is what the 'possom secretly wants because he's sporting a stiffy.  Oh, and possibly due to the power of his muscled gut. 

You know what?  The story is pretty much unabashedly porn.  Not erotica, but porn.  It had the promise of perhaps being the former, but combine the odd specificity of certain bits (beer-can thick dong on the gator), and the fact that the story ended riiiiiiiiight after the sex did, well, yeah.  I think I would have had much less of a problem with it had it not spent nearly an entire page setting up a fairly benign situation, but such is life.  If you like muscle-guts, gay sex and/or ridiculously thick and long dicks, then you might have enjoyed it. 
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2012-07-13 07:58 pm

On Twilight and other terrible, popular stories

I'll disclose right now that I haven't read any of Twilight nor any of 50 Shades of Gray.  I may at some point if only to write a review of it.  However, because of those books popularity I've heard... things.  The plot has been somewhat spoiled for me by other people both promoting and railing against the books.  And while I dislike reading stories that are (allegedly) bad, there is one thing that Twilight and it's fan-fiction spin off are doing that is very, very good. 

It's getting people to read.  Now, it's possible that the type of person that loves Twilight/50 Shades is not going to be a reader except for the rare case of their friends recommending such to them.  But they're still reading.  This is still a good thing.  As a writer, I want people to read and read more because, selfishly, there's a chance that they might stumble upon something that I've written to read and enjoy that.  I will fully admit that I want people to read my stuff, but failing that I want people to read period. 

Books, even bad ones, are a joy and an escape.  Not enough people take part in this, being distracted by TV and other forms of entertainment that are a bit more accessible.  Because even though reading is great, it can be a bit intimidating for those who haven't done it before or don't do it often.  A TV show, outside of maybe boxed DVD sets, aren't really physical.  Books are.  You have to carry them around.  This might dissuade people.  So even though 50 Shades is apparently occupying four New York Times bestseller slots (the three books and the boxed set), and may just be a terrible story that is essentially a thin excuse for bondage porn, it's still good that it exists.

Still not looking forward to reading it, though.  If I do at all.
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2012-06-24 06:50 pm

Random Story Escapades #15: This Happened, Why?

Now, overall this story wasn't bad.  It wasn't really terrible.  It was a fairly decent story that did have one large, large issue, which is why it's making it to the blog under the RSE headline.  It starts with an okapi character finding a package having arrived at his apartment/house/whatever, not really addressed to him but having a return address somewhere in the [redacted].  Out of sheer curiosity, he opens it to find... a brassiere.  He's really confused now, not knowing why it's there or why it came to his house or who sent it, since there was no name on it.  He has no idea what to do with it, so he puts it on his table and then goes to do something else.  

BUT SUDDENLY comes the unbidden thought "I wonder what it would look like on me" or something to that effect.  So against his better judgment, the okapi tries on the ladies clothing.  Coincidentally, he remembers that he has a dress that he's holding for an unnamed friend, so he goes and tries THAT on, which also has a pair of panties to go with it.  And to top it all off, he decides to go hit the town, more go to this bar that boasts an open-minded clientele.  Yeah, those seem pretty sketchy, right?  

Here's the rub, though: though the okapi dude goes on get hit on and called a lady and then hit on again by a giraffe who eventually takes him home (and there's a neat little plot point about only okapi males getting horns that is a nice touch to the story, from a furry standpoint), there is absolutely no explanation beyond a random compulsion as to why the okapi dude tried on the girl's clothing to begin with.  Or is there?  And here's the bit where I rag on the title, because the title implies magic, but magic is never, EVER discussed during the course of the story.  There is, PERHAPS, an implication of magic in the initial compulsion, but other than that there's no real reason for the okapi to cross-dress, especially since he was against the randomly injected idea to begin with.  So really, the entire impetus of the story is alluded to in the title and never really addressed.  And overall, it made the story completely unfulfilling, because I went through the entire thing waiting for SOME explanation as to why the crossdressing was initiated.  I mean, sure, I got a little paragraph at the end addressing the PACKAGE, but unless there's some explanation buried in another story, there's nothing to explain things.  
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2012-06-02 06:36 pm


So in the search for content for this blog (that I have finished and ready to post) I decided to put out the call for some questions.  So I decided to answer some of them.  Not all, because I dunno.  Some of the answers are probably lame or something.  

  • Favorite authors? Who influences your style? (Within the fandom and without, for these).
Within the fandom, I dig Kyell's stuff, Rikoshi/K.M. Hirosaki, Whyte Yote.  Also, I really dig Gideon Kalve Jarvis' stuff, though he posts a whole lot less than I do and sometimes in bursts.  I also kinda dig Wakboth, for no real defensible reason aside that he does put out some pretty decent stuff.  Outside the fandom, I like Terry Prachett (though I haven't ready anything of his in too long) and he was also a primary influence for me.  Douglas Adams I dig, though I haven't read enough of HIS stuff, either. I can't really defend liking Laurell K. Hamilton, but I do, but I also have been digging Jim Butcher's The Dresden Files.  Brian Jacques is probably a big reason why I ended up in this fandom, partially, and I got a giggle or two out of Piers Anthony, once upon a time.  Oo, George R. R. Martin.  Puts out stories glacially, but I have thoroughly enjoyed A Song of Ice and Fire.   
  • What kind of music do you listen to? Do you listen to music when writing?
My taste in music is by parts weird and outdated.  Most of the music on my mp3 player is from OC Remix, and I dig that a lot.  The rest runs the gamut from Muse to Beck to Norah Jones to The Black Mages to The Presidents of the United States of America.  I can listen to music while writing, though this does not end up happening.
  • What do you study?
Currently in school for a computer science degree.  
  • Do you have a writing regimen?
    Describe your workspace when writing.
Oh man.  I don't, though I should probably try and get one... but it's kinda hard for me.  Honestly I sit down and try to write, and my success generally depends on how far I can dive into the text.  Recently I cranked out about 600 some odd words and barely noticed the time passing.  Othertimes it can be arduous until I get into a groove.  I should write more.  
  • How do your stories come together? Outlines first, free form brainstorming? Or do you just start writing?
I generally try and outline stuff, get at least a rough idea of what I want to do.  I have a notebook, well, several for this purpose.  Generally I get down either some bullet points about places I want to hit, or even start jotting down paragraphs and just sorta let things go from there.  
  • Do you get someone to edit your work before you submit it?
I don't, but I don't recommend anybody do that themselves.  I do try to self-edit but I can't catch everything, but since I'm just posting it online I'm less strict about it.  On the offchance I have something that is attempting to be published, then I hit up a few friends to beta read it for me.  Or put out a call on a journal.

I would love to have a writing group.
  • What is your least favorite word?
  • Do you have writing aspirations beyond the fandom?
I'd like to put out a novel.  I'd like to put out several, but I've yet to find an idea large enough to encompass one.  Aside of maybe, like... Roommates or something, but that went large without my knowing.
  • Favorite animal to write about and why?
I don't really... have one.  This may segue into me being a Bad Furry, because I don't really have preferences toward any particular animal anthropomorphized or anything. I mean, yes, I represent myself with a wolf, but I don't really... write a lot of stories with wolves in them.  Actually, outside of Roommates and that self-indulgent thing I did, I don't think I've written wolves in ANY stories.
  • Have you ever done collabs?
I have, but they are very infrequent.  Actually, I don't know if a single one has been posted... though there may be one that will be.  
  • If you could have one of your stories adapted into a movie, like a legit well-funded well-thought out good movie, which one would it be?
I wish I had an answer for this question, I really really do.  I'm just going to say that it's a story that has not yet been completed yet or something.  
  • Would you consider yourself -
Soooooooo disorganized.
  • How did you ever get into all this?
Man.  Uh.  I've always enjoyed writing... just sorta, getting some stuff out there.  I do like telling stories and part of the fun is making up characters and seeing how they interact, seeing what makes them tick.  With regard to furry... well, I wandered over here via an RP board and a pokemon board.  It's... kinda a long story.

Alright, thanks for the questions, everybody!  
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2012-05-18 08:03 pm

Bits and bobs, odds and ends

Few things
  • Still writing!  I have a couple projects that I'm working on actively, one that's just on the periphery.  So far, things are looking good on everything that I am working on, and I just need to get back into the swing of things.  The first is 519 words on a story that was essentially a challenge issued here by Metassus.  I should work more on that, but I confess that my muse found another subject to write on, and I currently have 2237 words on that one.  I suppose neither is really pressing, but the former is supposed to be submission number 100... so I should do that one first, no?  The third story I'm keeping secret for right now.  But just know that as of right now, 777 words are committed to it.  
  • So, you may remember this RSE.  Well, apparently on another story entirely, somebody asked the burning question that I had: Why do you keep repeating yourself?  His answer?  He's trying to show the story from both character's perspectives.  To him, this apparently necessitates repeating a character's actions so that the other character can reply to them.  Even though this was repeated only a paragraph earlier, and only if somebody is suffering from some kind of extreme ADD would they forget what the first character did, since one would have read it a few minutes earlier.  I... don't... understand.
  • I also have a few reviews that I need to get to.  No, I haven't forgotten about you, Poetigress.  
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2012-05-06 07:49 pm

Random Story Escapades #14: This is How You Do It

Twitter lead me to this story, however indirectly.  And it was fairly indirect.  I was lead to an author who had an array of stories, and I picked one at random for the amusing title.  This just goes to show you that titles are important, kids.  A good title will hook somebody, even a snob like myself.  It helps that it is punny.  But it also put my guard up. 

You see, I soon found out that the story was fan fiction.  Being pretty much the gateway to writing, fan fiction often ends up being the first kind of stuff that the budding author writes.  And very often, it almost painfully reflects the skill level of the writer.  This also means that when the writer is good, the fan fiction can be pretty damn good. 

I couldn't find many technical problems with the story, if any at all.  My problems primarily stemmed from it being a World of Warcraft story, with a bit of an indelicate "what class are you" discussion and a bit of a plot device that drives the protagonist and another character to a particular inn.  But aside of that... well, the story was quite good.  As a matter of fact, if you're into a WoW gay porn fic, then I would recommend it you at least give it a shot.  Link is here. 

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2012-04-29 06:20 pm

Random Story Escapades #13: Realer than real

Okay, this story wasn't bad, per se.  It was just weird as hell.  First thing that the story immediately introduces was the fact that the male character has a dick that's 22 inches long. And apparently is a 'hyper'.  Yes, he's hyper-endowed, but simply described as a 'hyper.'  And he's married.  So he has a wife.  Who is apparently constantly growing.  I... I don't even know. 

Essentially, this story takes the fantastic portion of being hyper endowed, and all the absolute specificity that entails, with the normalcy of a married couple discovering things about themselves and changes in their life that bring them together and so on and so forth.  It is a very, VERY odd dichotomy of the utterly fantastic potion of his dick and her 38Q bra size (is that real?  I don't think that's real), and the fact that she's TAKING his dick through the front door and down her throat, and the bit where they're a couple discussing being on the pill and having kids.  Like... honestly?  The story literally covered the wife's trials with taking her then-boyfriend's ginormous bits, and repeated mis-starts through him bucking or her being a bit overzealous.  And they actually cover the part where she has BLED to take him.  In the middle of a sex scene.  Like... I couldn't even get to "strangest boner" status because it goes from "oh hey, things getting hot and heavy and FLASHBACK TO BLOOD AND PAIN then back again to oral and deep throat and 'throat juices' (ew) then FLASHBACK TO MORE PAIN, BUT DEDICATION AND SHE LOVES HIM." 

And, at the end, she crosses the threshold that would make her have hyperism, too.  She lactates.  Which makes about as much sense as anything else in the story, really.
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2012-04-04 02:15 pm


Man, it's almost been a month!  Sorry about that.  School's been nuts, but now I'm on spring break!  So that'll mean some more postage, and I'm going to try to activate this more.

Despite my blog tardiness, I have been writing!  As a matter of fact I have finished a story that I will put up later today!  It's that Zel trade that I've been working on.  I've also dusted off a few other stories and am just writing some stuff out.  Perhaps I should start this other story that's been bumping around in my head, too... Hm. 

Anyway, keep watching this space.  There will be also another post later today, a review of The Royal Tail, by Tredain and Zel.
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2012-02-28 06:35 pm


Originally posted by WhyteYote here.

First off, read this:

I believe in this 100%.  If anybody asks me for writing advice, what I tell them is to write.  Just write stuff.  Write stuff you like.  Experiment.  Mimic somebody else's style, write something you're not familiar with, just keep writing.  The more you write, the better chance you have to get better.  But above all DON'T GET COMPLACENT.  You can't get better if you think that there's nothing to improve, and there's always something to improve. 

You CAN get better.  But to get better, you have to keep writing. 

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2012-02-25 05:56 pm

2/25/12 Progress Report - IT IS DONE!

So the other night, not all that long ago, I typed the final word in Morph Class, part six.  In a way, this is a bit of a Thing for me, as this project that originally grew from a singular story last year turned into this massive thing.  And the word count for part six was in no less epic, clocking in around 8,100 words.  The estimates I was using was based off a 7,000 word story, and let me tell you that I was very surprised that the story ended up being so... wordy.  But in a way, this is actually a reduced count, as there are probably a section that could be expanded that I ended up not doing, because then I might have to do a SEVENTH part, which would probably be something short of ridiculous.  Maybe.  I don't know.  

Point is that I am DONE and happy about that.  I let it sit for a few days, now I'm gonna be going through and cleaning it up a bit.  I may, which is to say probably, will re-write the ending.  So far it parallels/channels a story in the source, but it still feels a little... awkward.  I mean, it's done, but I'm not yet happy with it, and as a consequence I may not be able to finish it by the end of this month.  12 stories is still on, and I have a few other stories I could get to work writing when Morph Class is done, though I may take a day to bask a bit.  Hopefully I'll get some nice feedback, because I really hope that people like Morph Class.  

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2012-01-30 02:12 pm

1/30/12 Progress Report

Okay a few things

1. I've been stuck on this ONE SCENE near the beginning of Morph Class for a good while.  Well, had been; I plowed through it and finally have it to my satisfaction.  It didn't help that the original scene I had in mind was... well, I was convinced to do it another way.  I'm not sure if the way I did it is necessarily BETTER (I'm still looking for the person that initially suggested it to look it over), but I think it's as good, and I'm continuing the story with that bit in mind.  I like it so far...

2. During said story, I've also dropped a huge chunk of words.  800 something one night, and 300 the next.  I'm feeling good about it, and I'm between 43 and 61% done with it, using the last two chapters as a guide for the general length of the story.

3. Though this does mean that I won't be able to release something in time for the end of January.  Well. maybe I'll be able to cut a teaser of Morph Class for the end, but it won't count as a Story.  I'm still planning on submitting 12 stories this year, college notwithstanding, so perhaps February will be an interesting month.  After all, I do have a few unfinished drafts that crave finishing!
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2012-01-19 09:57 pm

Cross posting!

Awright.  Assuming I didn't break anything, this should now be cross posting on LJ.  So now, you'll get the continuation of my fantabulous writing blog posted to Dreamwidth and LiveJournal AT THE SAME TIME!  Which is pretty snazzy.  though I should probably alter the color scheme on both.
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2012-01-19 07:52 pm
Entry tags:

Why you should edit your stories

First and foremost, it's so you can try and figure out exactly what in the hell you were trying to say.  Sometimes, in the vim and vigor of writing, we can get caught up and just sorta put stuff out there on a page.  And if you just publish it as-is, you could miss something.  You could be reading it over later and actually ask yourself the question of what in the hell did I put there?  If you don't have a question, than that is a problem, but it is a fixable problem.  Really, even asking the question to begin with is an issue, but it's a fixable issue, because you haven't put out the story for public review yet. 

The point of editing and developing your editing skills is to catch these errors and others in the text.  Like other forms of artwork, stories communicate something.  A feeling, an image, an idea, and if you have moments of confusion, then you're preventing people from getting that feeling, image, idea, whatever.  Not editing your story, not removing as many barriers as possible is, I think, an utter failure on the part of writers everywhere.

So edit your damn stories, people.
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2012-01-15 12:10 am

1/15/12 Progress report

I haven't updated this in a while, but I have done some writing.  Over the last couple days, I've add 523 words to the D.Zel trade.  More importantly, he seems to like it.  I've also looked into rebirthing an old story, if only for a bit more visibility's sake, tentatively called Cat + Mouse, which is actually a bit of a misnomer to begin with.  Lion + Mouse would be even more accurate, but even so it doesn't describe anything about the plot so the title is nothing more than a placeholder.  I just put in 241 words there.  So not terribly unproductive for not updating.

I should update this more.

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2012-01-02 11:46 pm

1/2/11 Progress Report

This time, i worked on the DarkZel trade that I'm doing for him.  Nooooooot sure what title it yet.  But at present, I've worked my way up to 1039 words, which I think is about double what I had before...?  Actually, no it's not.  Don't let me lie to you guys, heh.  But yeah, I have made a good chunk of progress, and I do need to build up a bit of pre-writing to work from when it comes to Morph Class.  With this story, I'm more flying by the seat of my pants, but not too much. 

Also, tomorrow with an article of sorts, and maybe a few Random Story Escapades.  Lots of writing in the near future, so stay tuned.  Night folks.
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2012-01-02 12:16 am

1/1/12 Progress Report and a taste of things to come.

Yep, writing on New Years!  I'm actually kinda proud of myself with what I did, as I was able to bang out a nice chunk of words (352) over the course of the day.  And for me, that's kinda rad.  After finishing part five, Morph Class has just kinda been on my mind of late, and because of the way the file is I couldn't provide a total as to make this update a bit cleaner, but still, it's good that I am updating this, period, I think.  Also, I would like to update this thing more, so hopefully I'll be doing more of that.  Also, more reading, so look for more Random Story Escapades!

EDIT - Wow, so I ended up writing a bit MORE and came up with some additional wordage, resulting in the chapter having about 1028 words in it as a whole.  Going by my average, this is about 1/5th of the chapter... though something tells me this one may be closer to part 4, which was 7k.
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2011-12-31 01:52 am

12/30/11 Progress Report

I don't think I"ve updated this blog as much as I should have, but I can definitely say that it's been updated.  Morph Class part six is on the way, and I've added 356 words tonight, making it a total of 563 words to begin with.  A nice, solid start, I think.  And as for resolutions for the new year... yeah, fuck it.  I have plans, a bit more solid, because I don't really believe in resolutions.  I do plan, however, to release at least twelve stories for the upcoming year, one every month.  Fairly attainable, and perhaps even something I can exceed. 

Here's hoping.
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2011-12-28 09:50 am

Morph Class part 5 is complete!

Just finished it last night, and got in the final 507 words over the last two days.  Feelin' good about this.  Now I want to at least set the foundation for part six for January, where I'll probably write that in earnest.  Though even so, there are a few other writing projects to complete, namely the trade... but hey, they'll come.

I plan to post it before the end of the year.  Happy New Year folks!