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Random Story Escapades #15: Story Trouble

To a degree, I probably shouldn't be writing this one.  The story was a commission, and if the commissioner was happy with it, then who cares what I, some random dude spouting off on his blog on the Internet, think about it?  And really, I only have one problem with the story, one that could probably be excused by most people not reading it how I did. 

To illustrate, let me just tell you how the story goes.  First, we have a mechanic in the middle of nowhere, Louisiana, lamenting how his shop isn't getting many customers.  He has a bit of hired help that he sends home, and starts to go close up the shop.  Enter beat up old truck, stuttering into his shop.  What luck!  The mechanic goes out and greets the driver, who's truck is pretty fucked up.  It's a minor miracle that it's even driving as is. 

Anyway, driver pulls truck into garage and the possum mechanic apparently recognizes the driver.  Said driver, a massive gator with a muscle gut, is apparently a famous, if retired, wrestler. Then the mechanic asks how the car got all messed up, and the gator says "Sex happened."  Apparently he had fucked somebody else against the car so hard that it broke.  Now, here is where my attention started to waver.  To be capable of fucking somebody so hard against your car that it breaks would probably leave that person crushed by the massive force you are able to generate by simply moving your hips, conceivably.  Now, it's possible that the gator is just joking, but then the next thing he says completely takes me out of the story: "And you are one sexy possum; maybe you want a ride too?"

Not too long ago on the Bad Dog Book Club podcast, Toonces and Skip talked about the idea of the fantasy dominant.  One who knew exactly how to treat his/her submissive and talk/bully/cajole them into doing things, and the submissive will like it because the things the dominant is doing is exactly what the submissive secretly or openly wants.  Now, the thing to stress here is the word 'fantasy,' as in it is difficult to find an actual sub/dom that knows instantly what the other wants, not without extensive training of either to the other's desires.  And in this story, we have a former wrestler gator with an apparently fourteen inch dong not only overpowering the suddenly mesmerized 'possom mechanic, but able to know that this is what the 'possom secretly wants because he's sporting a stiffy.  Oh, and possibly due to the power of his muscled gut. 

You know what?  The story is pretty much unabashedly porn.  Not erotica, but porn.  It had the promise of perhaps being the former, but combine the odd specificity of certain bits (beer-can thick dong on the gator), and the fact that the story ended riiiiiiiiight after the sex did, well, yeah.  I think I would have had much less of a problem with it had it not spent nearly an entire page setting up a fairly benign situation, but such is life.  If you like muscle-guts, gay sex and/or ridiculously thick and long dicks, then you might have enjoyed it.