May. 6th, 2012

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Twitter lead me to this story, however indirectly.  And it was fairly indirect.  I was lead to an author who had an array of stories, and I picked one at random for the amusing title.  This just goes to show you that titles are important, kids.  A good title will hook somebody, even a snob like myself.  It helps that it is punny.  But it also put my guard up. 

You see, I soon found out that the story was fan fiction.  Being pretty much the gateway to writing, fan fiction often ends up being the first kind of stuff that the budding author writes.  And very often, it almost painfully reflects the skill level of the writer.  This also means that when the writer is good, the fan fiction can be pretty damn good. 

I couldn't find many technical problems with the story, if any at all.  My problems primarily stemmed from it being a World of Warcraft story, with a bit of an indelicate "what class are you" discussion and a bit of a plot device that drives the protagonist and another character to a particular inn.  But aside of that... well, the story was quite good.  As a matter of fact, if you're into a WoW gay porn fic, then I would recommend it you at least give it a shot.  Link is here. 

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