Jan. 2nd, 2012

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Yep, writing on New Years!  I'm actually kinda proud of myself with what I did, as I was able to bang out a nice chunk of words (352) over the course of the day.  And for me, that's kinda rad.  After finishing part five, Morph Class has just kinda been on my mind of late, and because of the way the file is I couldn't provide a total as to make this update a bit cleaner, but still, it's good that I am updating this, period, I think.  Also, I would like to update this thing more, so hopefully I'll be doing more of that.  Also, more reading, so look for more Random Story Escapades!

EDIT - Wow, so I ended up writing a bit MORE and came up with some additional wordage, resulting in the chapter having about 1028 words in it as a whole.  Going by my average, this is about 1/5th of the chapter... though something tells me this one may be closer to part 4, which was 7k.
pyrostinger: They say the eye is the window to the soul (Default)
This time, i worked on the DarkZel trade that I'm doing for him.  Nooooooot sure what title it yet.  But at present, I've worked my way up to 1039 words, which I think is about double what I had before...?  Actually, no it's not.  Don't let me lie to you guys, heh.  But yeah, I have made a good chunk of progress, and I do need to build up a bit of pre-writing to work from when it comes to Morph Class.  With this story, I'm more flying by the seat of my pants, but not too much. 

Also, tomorrow with an article of sorts, and maybe a few Random Story Escapades.  Lots of writing in the near future, so stay tuned.  Night folks.

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