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Now, overall this story wasn't bad.  It wasn't really terrible.  It was a fairly decent story that did have one large, large issue, which is why it's making it to the blog under the RSE headline.  It starts with an okapi character finding a package having arrived at his apartment/house/whatever, not really addressed to him but having a return address somewhere in the [redacted].  Out of sheer curiosity, he opens it to find... a brassiere.  He's really confused now, not knowing why it's there or why it came to his house or who sent it, since there was no name on it.  He has no idea what to do with it, so he puts it on his table and then goes to do something else.  

BUT SUDDENLY comes the unbidden thought "I wonder what it would look like on me" or something to that effect.  So against his better judgment, the okapi tries on the ladies clothing.  Coincidentally, he remembers that he has a dress that he's holding for an unnamed friend, so he goes and tries THAT on, which also has a pair of panties to go with it.  And to top it all off, he decides to go hit the town, more go to this bar that boasts an open-minded clientele.  Yeah, those seem pretty sketchy, right?  

Here's the rub, though: though the okapi dude goes on get hit on and called a lady and then hit on again by a giraffe who eventually takes him home (and there's a neat little plot point about only okapi males getting horns that is a nice touch to the story, from a furry standpoint), there is absolutely no explanation beyond a random compulsion as to why the okapi dude tried on the girl's clothing to begin with.  Or is there?  And here's the bit where I rag on the title, because the title implies magic, but magic is never, EVER discussed during the course of the story.  There is, PERHAPS, an implication of magic in the initial compulsion, but other than that there's no real reason for the okapi to cross-dress, especially since he was against the randomly injected idea to begin with.  So really, the entire impetus of the story is alluded to in the title and never really addressed.  And overall, it made the story completely unfulfilling, because I went through the entire thing waiting for SOME explanation as to why the crossdressing was initiated.  I mean, sure, I got a little paragraph at the end addressing the PACKAGE, but unless there's some explanation buried in another story, there's nothing to explain things.  

Date: 2012-06-25 03:38 am (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
What exactly is the title? Because it could be a reference to something, or just "Magic" in terms of the experience. Not the actual metaphysical force that causes things to happen.

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