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So in the search for content for this blog (that I have finished and ready to post) I decided to put out the call for some questions.  So I decided to answer some of them.  Not all, because I dunno.  Some of the answers are probably lame or something.  

  • Favorite authors? Who influences your style? (Within the fandom and without, for these).
Within the fandom, I dig Kyell's stuff, Rikoshi/K.M. Hirosaki, Whyte Yote.  Also, I really dig Gideon Kalve Jarvis' stuff, though he posts a whole lot less than I do and sometimes in bursts.  I also kinda dig Wakboth, for no real defensible reason aside that he does put out some pretty decent stuff.  Outside the fandom, I like Terry Prachett (though I haven't ready anything of his in too long) and he was also a primary influence for me.  Douglas Adams I dig, though I haven't read enough of HIS stuff, either. I can't really defend liking Laurell K. Hamilton, but I do, but I also have been digging Jim Butcher's The Dresden Files.  Brian Jacques is probably a big reason why I ended up in this fandom, partially, and I got a giggle or two out of Piers Anthony, once upon a time.  Oo, George R. R. Martin.  Puts out stories glacially, but I have thoroughly enjoyed A Song of Ice and Fire.   
  • What kind of music do you listen to? Do you listen to music when writing?
My taste in music is by parts weird and outdated.  Most of the music on my mp3 player is from OC Remix, and I dig that a lot.  The rest runs the gamut from Muse to Beck to Norah Jones to The Black Mages to The Presidents of the United States of America.  I can listen to music while writing, though this does not end up happening.
  • What do you study?
Currently in school for a computer science degree.  
  • Do you have a writing regimen?
    Describe your workspace when writing.
Oh man.  I don't, though I should probably try and get one... but it's kinda hard for me.  Honestly I sit down and try to write, and my success generally depends on how far I can dive into the text.  Recently I cranked out about 600 some odd words and barely noticed the time passing.  Othertimes it can be arduous until I get into a groove.  I should write more.  
  • How do your stories come together? Outlines first, free form brainstorming? Or do you just start writing?
I generally try and outline stuff, get at least a rough idea of what I want to do.  I have a notebook, well, several for this purpose.  Generally I get down either some bullet points about places I want to hit, or even start jotting down paragraphs and just sorta let things go from there.  
  • Do you get someone to edit your work before you submit it?
I don't, but I don't recommend anybody do that themselves.  I do try to self-edit but I can't catch everything, but since I'm just posting it online I'm less strict about it.  On the offchance I have something that is attempting to be published, then I hit up a few friends to beta read it for me.  Or put out a call on a journal.

I would love to have a writing group.
  • What is your least favorite word?
  • Do you have writing aspirations beyond the fandom?
I'd like to put out a novel.  I'd like to put out several, but I've yet to find an idea large enough to encompass one.  Aside of maybe, like... Roommates or something, but that went large without my knowing.
  • Favorite animal to write about and why?
I don't really... have one.  This may segue into me being a Bad Furry, because I don't really have preferences toward any particular animal anthropomorphized or anything. I mean, yes, I represent myself with a wolf, but I don't really... write a lot of stories with wolves in them.  Actually, outside of Roommates and that self-indulgent thing I did, I don't think I've written wolves in ANY stories.
  • Have you ever done collabs?
I have, but they are very infrequent.  Actually, I don't know if a single one has been posted... though there may be one that will be.  
  • If you could have one of your stories adapted into a movie, like a legit well-funded well-thought out good movie, which one would it be?
I wish I had an answer for this question, I really really do.  I'm just going to say that it's a story that has not yet been completed yet or something.  
  • Would you consider yourself -
Soooooooo disorganized.
  • How did you ever get into all this?
Man.  Uh.  I've always enjoyed writing... just sorta, getting some stuff out there.  I do like telling stories and part of the fun is making up characters and seeing how they interact, seeing what makes them tick.  With regard to furry... well, I wandered over here via an RP board and a pokemon board.  It's... kinda a long story.

Alright, thanks for the questions, everybody!  

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