Dec. 18th, 2011

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Note: As with all Random Story Escapades, I won't mention the author or story unless I think the story deserves attention.  So far, this hasn't happened.

This one was weird.  I half-read the story over the course of a bit, because... well, the story was just kinda unremarkable.  Really, the fact that I read it was because I started reading it, and then was like... "Okay, this is pretty boring," and then went off to go do something else.  And then I came back because I forgot to close the story.  And I did finally end up reading, but I was, ultimately, unimpressed.  

First off, this story randomly used Doktor when it earlier used Dr for somebody of the same title.  Why was this?  Didn't really have any point, but it stuck out to me.  Another thing that stuck out was the use of German in the story.  Now, since the character was German I suppose it would make sense for the character to speak it, but in an otherwise English story, why was what little dialogue there was in German?  Also, I don't speak the language, but I suspect it's translated from some website.  Speaking of Germans, apparently the main character was a fuckin' Nazi, only not as such, and apparently a fringe Nazi or something, as in they're 'worried about the direction of the party' going too far right or something.  Which is kinda amazing, but I'm like... why the fuck is this character German?  Or a Nazi?  in reality, it didn't seem to have any bearing on the story at all aside from a sprinkling of Gratuitous German when the shit started happening or whatever.

Still, aside from those points, the story was pretty unremarkable.  Which is kinda amazing, considering there was a demon in it. 

One last thing.  I know this story is supposed to get all sexy in it, but why in the hell did the main character (female) go around sans panties because of the heat, then later in the story when the temperature rises, the first thing she takes off is her SKIRT.  Keep in mind she was wearing a full friggan uniform, and the first thing she takes off is her SKIRT.


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