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So yes, there's the previous post about the movie A Thousand Words, but lemme just zero in on the entire plot vehicle that lurches this movie forward.  But for this, this might have just been any other decent, heart-warming movie about a terrible person realizing his faults and changing for the better.  But no, in order to restrict a person's greatest asset -- his words -- the movie decided to go in a spiritual direction and add in the tree.

Now, once the tree ends up in Eddie Murphy's backyard because of magic, it begins losing leaves.  Essentially, in the quest to perhaps save Eddie Murphy's life from being bereft of people and relationships, the tree kills itself.  Why?  I mean... what the hell?  To save a life, the tree basically tied a noose around it's neck and said "I'm gonna choke myself if you don't become a better person, because I've linked how far I choke with how many words you say!"  I mean, I get how this will eventually effect Eddie Murphy since the tree links its health with Eddie Murphy, but it still seems like a pretty stupid move.  How is the tree supposed to know that Eddie Murphy is going to take his self-preservation (and by extension, the tree's) seriously?  Alternatively, how is the tree supposed to know that Eddie Murphy is going to seek to repair his life, rather than running away from everything and retreating so that he doesn't have to use words at all, thereby (probably) defeating the purpose of attaching itself to his life in the first place. 

This probably wouldn't bug me so much if this wasn't the entire premise upon which the rest of the movie rests.
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