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Now, here's the very interesting thing about this story.  It tackled something that would probably be a question that somebody has to have asked at some point, which is to say exactly how are hybrids born, here?  Literally, how did they come out of the womb? 

Anybody who's been in or around the furry fandoms knows that hybrids are totally a Thing.  Tigersharks, wolfoxes, so on and so forth.  If you have the opportunity to make combinations of things, it either has been made or congratulations, you're the first one to make it!  Maybe.  But until now, generally I've just seen a bunch of handwaving as to how these combinations are actually brought into the world. 

The story starts with a male raccoon obstetrician helping out a couple that wants to, as much as possible, give birth naturally.  The issue, however, is that the mother's a cat, and the father's a bear.  It goes onto say that hybrid kids usually take after either the mother's or the father's species, but the size of the child can be either, which neatly establishes the rules for this particular universe.  And in this particular case, it's a big baby. 

Now, the story gets to the crux of the issue for the doctor when the baby is safely delivered, the parents prayed and thanked God for the safe delivery.  This rankles the doc because though he respected the parents' wishes for as natural a delivery as possible, he feels like Rodney Dangerfield; he gets no respect. 

The actual mechanics of the writing is pretty good, though it does ramble a little bit.  There are some, for me, curious word choices and perhaps an over-reliance on adverbs with dialogue tags.  But it is solid writing, and despite a name near the end that took me out of the story a little bit (Thrunder?  This is a name?), I did find myself enjoying the story. 

Overall, I think that you guys should check out Evertide and this story, and maybe say some nice things.  Apparently he's had a low opinion of his own writing.
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Okay, this story wasn't bad, per se.  It was just weird as hell.  First thing that the story immediately introduces was the fact that the male character has a dick that's 22 inches long. And apparently is a 'hyper'.  Yes, he's hyper-endowed, but simply described as a 'hyper.'  And he's married.  So he has a wife.  Who is apparently constantly growing.  I... I don't even know. 

Essentially, this story takes the fantastic portion of being hyper endowed, and all the absolute specificity that entails, with the normalcy of a married couple discovering things about themselves and changes in their life that bring them together and so on and so forth.  It is a very, VERY odd dichotomy of the utterly fantastic potion of his dick and her 38Q bra size (is that real?  I don't think that's real), and the fact that she's TAKING his dick through the front door and down her throat, and the bit where they're a couple discussing being on the pill and having kids.  Like... honestly?  The story literally covered the wife's trials with taking her then-boyfriend's ginormous bits, and repeated mis-starts through him bucking or her being a bit overzealous.  And they actually cover the part where she has BLED to take him.  In the middle of a sex scene.  Like... I couldn't even get to "strangest boner" status because it goes from "oh hey, things getting hot and heavy and FLASHBACK TO BLOOD AND PAIN then back again to oral and deep throat and 'throat juices' (ew) then FLASHBACK TO MORE PAIN, BUT DEDICATION AND SHE LOVES HIM." 

And, at the end, she crosses the threshold that would make her have hyperism, too.  She lactates.  Which makes about as much sense as anything else in the story, really.

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