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Yeah, sorry about that.  Sorta.  Anyway, reading Out of Hand and a couple of other cuckolding stories as well as a few very interesting articles on the nature of masculinity got me thinking.  A cuckold is generally defined as a man having an adulterous wife.  And though I used gender neutral terms (sort of) in my review of Out of Hand to account for an inclusive definition of the term, in the cases that I've encountered it as a fetish it's involved somebody with a dick butting into an existing relationship.  Which brings me to the subject of masculinity. 

Now, the trope with cuckolding stories/porn is that the bull, or interloper into the existing relationship, is more of a man than the cuckold.  This is generally illustrated by the bull being dominant, able to boss both man and wife around, being taller, more muscled, and of course, having a bigger dick, higher libido, and the ability to fuck the wife into multiple orgasms.  Also, and this is pretty much the defining factor among all the cuck stories that I've read, is that the bull is a massive jerk. 

It doesn't help that the wife in these sorts of scenarios generally becomes complicit in beating down the cuckold.  Using the third chapter of Out of Hand as an example, Sarah ends up relishing saying that Leslie isn't as manly as Ethan during the dwindling times he has sex with her, which actually causes Leslie to go harder.  Earlier in the same chapter, she basically invites Ethan to the house over Leslie's misgivings, using thinner and thinner excuses until the pretense is dropped entirely.  This behavior is tacitly encouraged by Ethan with the way that he treats Leslie as little more than a gopher, and purposefully arranging things to that Leslie ends up watching Ethan drill his wife.

Now, one might wonder why Ethan isn't the protagonist, here.  After all, he doesn't seem to have much if any emotion aside of maybe anger, is tall, strong, and most importantly has a big, thick penis with which to make all the ladies moan and scream.  In other words, he is an ideal male.  That, and Leslie the fox is much, much less of a man, using all those standards as metrics of masculinity, being smaller in height and cock size, and generally a pushover.  He also goes down on Ethan (gay stuff = not manly) and his primary role ends up being the clean up crew, licking up Sarah of all the seed spilled in her after Ethan is done.  So wouldn't that make Ethan something to aspire to, to idealize?  Not really.  It's not just story purposes that would make Ethan a perfect antagonist especially in a story like this, but more the fact that Leslie has to essentially face down a high-school bully if he ever wants his girlfriend back, or at least salvage a shred of dignity.  And with the way the story is going, the straw may never break the camel's back, or perhaps it wouldn't matter if it did. 

In a way, it's kinda funny how Ethan would make a pretty great action hero, yet in this case he's the ideal antagonist, representing everything that Leslie is not.  And I guess that's just what makes Leslie the ideal protagonist, though he seems to have a tendency to be completely blown away by the masculinity of others, and has this whole... jealousy kick with regard to it as well. 

I guess being a man isn't always the best thing to be.

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I first encountered this story, which is a sequel to a commissioned story, ages and ages ago on FA.  Don't remember specifically when, but it had been a while.  Recently, I found that the author was on SoFurry as well, and had posted a couple new chapters to the story, which I found myself a little surprised to be eager to read.  Honestly, I just wished that downloading stories was much less of a pain on SF, but there's not a lot I can do about that.  The writing wasn't the reason I was surprised at my eagerness, but it had more to do with the subject matter: cuckolding. 

Now, every cuckolding story  pretty much follows the same storyline.  For one reason or another, a married or long-term relationship between two partners is introduced to a third, and that third (the bull, I think) is seen as more and better sexually than one of the other partners.  If it goes on longer, than the cuckold is gradually getting less and less sex while the bull (I think those are the terms for it) gets more, up to and including inviting friends and associates to enjoy the cuckold's significant other.  Also, the bull is usually an asshole dominant personality. 

On an intellectual level, this pisses me off.  I get a pretty visceral reaction and really want the bull to stop being such an asshole, and generally wondering how they are able to seduce the significant other.  To that end, the story is almost never from the bull's point of view, but more from the cuckold's, so the reader is dragged along while they feel the pain of this jerk not only butting in on their relationship, but them getting very much the short stick while they're pushed around more and more, coupled with a dichotomous raging arousal as this is happening. And if the story is written well and gets into heavier stuff, I end up feeling rather divided as naughty things happen while the cuckold is usually staring at the other two. 

Specific to this story, a fox has just brought home a wolf to meet his human wife as the second chapter begins.  They all went to high school together and this is some years later, where a desire to keep his wife happy has lead the fox to seek out the wolf (who bullied him and stole his girlfriends) to perhaps spice up their sex life, never guessing that the wolf's assholish personality would lead to a secretive blow job (said fox is straight) in a bar followed by being dragged to his car by his dick, literally.  The wolf then proceeds to seduce the initially pissed off wife through a sob story and alcohol, all in the face of the increasingly hesitant fox. 

By this point, it's a runaway train that couldn't be stopped, so he's left to watch while the dominant jerk of a wolf bangs his wife like she's never been banged before, creating a bit of an addict in the process.  Though he initially benefits with a huge upswing in his own sex life, the wolf comes over more and more often and while he's at work, and there's less and less for him until by the fourth chapter, he's explicitly told that he won't be getting any.  This being after the wolf and a co-worker double team the poor wife in another room, with the fox brought in to clean her up with his tongue in the aftermath. 

The writing is the primary reason that I enjoy reading this so much.  Though it deals with a subject that would piss me off in any normal circumstance, it's so good that I found myself enjoying it and wanting to read more, if only to find out how messed up the relationship would go from there.  The writer seems to find great joy in the fox's distress, and that comes through in the story especially with all the ultimately tragic erections said fox has to deal with as he's browbeaten into accepting this new routine and lifestyle. 

To recap, despite the subject matter I would recommend giving this a shot if you're looking for something new to read.  If you find yourself become angry or upset, don't worry, you're supposed to feel that way. 

Unless you're some kind of heartless, asshole wolf.

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