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I'll disclose right now that I haven't read any of Twilight nor any of 50 Shades of Gray.  I may at some point if only to write a review of it.  However, because of those books popularity I've heard... things.  The plot has been somewhat spoiled for me by other people both promoting and railing against the books.  And while I dislike reading stories that are (allegedly) bad, there is one thing that Twilight and it's fan-fiction spin off are doing that is very, very good. 

It's getting people to read.  Now, it's possible that the type of person that loves Twilight/50 Shades is not going to be a reader except for the rare case of their friends recommending such to them.  But they're still reading.  This is still a good thing.  As a writer, I want people to read and read more because, selfishly, there's a chance that they might stumble upon something that I've written to read and enjoy that.  I will fully admit that I want people to read my stuff, but failing that I want people to read period. 

Books, even bad ones, are a joy and an escape.  Not enough people take part in this, being distracted by TV and other forms of entertainment that are a bit more accessible.  Because even though reading is great, it can be a bit intimidating for those who haven't done it before or don't do it often.  A TV show, outside of maybe boxed DVD sets, aren't really physical.  Books are.  You have to carry them around.  This might dissuade people.  So even though 50 Shades is apparently occupying four New York Times bestseller slots (the three books and the boxed set), and may just be a terrible story that is essentially a thin excuse for bondage porn, it's still good that it exists.

Still not looking forward to reading it, though.  If I do at all.
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Originally posted by WhyteYote here.

First off, read this:

I believe in this 100%.  If anybody asks me for writing advice, what I tell them is to write.  Just write stuff.  Write stuff you like.  Experiment.  Mimic somebody else's style, write something you're not familiar with, just keep writing.  The more you write, the better chance you have to get better.  But above all DON'T GET COMPLACENT.  You can't get better if you think that there's nothing to improve, and there's always something to improve. 

You CAN get better.  But to get better, you have to keep writing. 

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So thanks to [personal profile] poetigress , I've come across an article about being a more confident writer.  I am not good at this, obviously. 

1. Tell people you're a writer

Well, if you've ever looked at my FA profile, I do that already.

2. Write on a regular basis

Fuck.  I've been better about this but I've just went two days without a goddamn word.

3. Don't aim so high so often

Uh... not sure how to gauge this one.  If I knew more furry publishers, well... yeah.  

4. Don't measure yourself against the success of others.

Ahahahaha, bahahahahahaha... oh goddamn I suck at this.  I do this all the fucking time.  Jesus fuck mothering christ.  Let's just move on from this travesty.

5. Give yourself a workspace

Maybe I can work this out when I get back to school.  

So, one out of five!  That's a failing grade.

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